Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Tea Collection Summer Is Here-Destination Bali

Daily Tea summer has arrived with it's bold florals and surfer graphics. Breezy and beautiful for baby up to size 6. Here is an excerpt taken from the Tea website: "In Bali, you are surrounded and embraced by happiness. It's real. It's potent. You can see it on people's faces - a mix of dancing celebration and transcendent, spiritual bliss. It comes from knowing the power of one's own happiness is nourishing to everyone else...and a desire to fuel that love in all people. It shows in every detail."
If you haven't bought Tea before we know you will love it. It washes well, always sticks out and is super comfortable. Check it out on our website here: Here is something fun to color that we found on the Tea blog:

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Leah Likes Lime: Lego and pain

Leah Likes Lime: Lego and pain: Pain is no laughing matter. Anyone that's ever stepped on a piece of lego knows this. It reminds us that we're human. It also reminds us tha...

We know we've said it before but...

As the original owner of Elephant Shoe I would like to express my thanks to all our customers over the years. Without you guys there would be no business. I have received so many nice emails, pictures and kind comments which have really kept me going. Although it was a hard one, the decision to take a year off was bittersweet. I now have two great partners that care as much as I do about the business being successful. Success to me is happy customers, ones that will tell a friend or come back to shop again. Both Tracy and Tannis feel the same way. We are all moms, we know time is precious and we know that it goes incredibly fast. We all agree that business should be fun and funny. For this reason alone most of our staff meetings are spent laughing our heads off. We love comments and suggestions and are always open to improving things. So please feel free to email or call anytime. Except after ten because we all go to bed early :) From time to time I will be posting from my personal blog. It's always nice to know there are humans that run things behind a web-based business. Leah

Monday, 31 October 2011

The Little Green Monster

My husband walks in the door from work and my daughter runs to him shouting with delight “Dad, I can do it!” and she proceeds to put one hand under her armpit and starts flapping the other arm resulting in a not so lady-like sound, if you know what I mean. He, in turns, gives her a high-five, with a proud look on his face.

Is it bad that this made me a little jealous? Why do I get the little “Hi Mom” and I probe into what happened at school today and get the resounding “Nothing”.

I guess it all started with them bonding over paternity leave….since I was pregnant with our second I had to get back to work early handing the reigns over to Dad. Don’t get me wrong, looking back I think that it was the best thing that happened and it’s very interesting to see the different ways men take on parenting. He is a little less high strung than me so dealing with crying and having play time was handled somewhat different and there is nothing wrong with that.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m not mad she made the noise, maybe I just wish it was ME that taught her it.

I hope you enjoy these few pictures of great examples of how my husband takes on parenting, industrial earmuffs anyone?

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Open House

You put a lot of hard work into event like this. Between getting the product organized, cleaning the house as if you actually keep it spotless on a regular basis (my kids always ask who’s coming over when I clean) and you cross your finger and just hope that people will not only come, but like what you have to offer.

I have to give a BIG thank you to everyone that stopped by! We really appreciate the support. It was nice to see everyone and have a few good laughs as usual. It was also great to see how the kids are growing up and the new one either here or on the way!

Did you notice how all the kids played together so well? We sure can take a lesson from them, if we could be so open to invite new people into our groups and play together uninhibited by our own insecurities. I hope new friendships were formed by people of all ages!

Thank you again, we cannot say it enough.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Back to school

Today is the first day both my kids are in school full time. I have used the excuse “oh when my kids are all in school I will……” . I will keep my house clean, go to the gym, pick up some day shifts; the list can go on and on. Now that it’s here I just want to hang out with my kids.

Here are a few things I did NOT say to my kids today:

- Please don’t put my ipod in your underwear
- Stop kicking your sister in the stomach
- No, you cannot have a piece of gum or get a slurpee
- Wipe your own bum!
- Sit nicely the police are behind us

Now, a list of things I did say:

- I love you!
- Have a good day!

What a boring day! How was your first day?

On another note, we are now on Twitter!!! Follow us @Elephant_Shoe1

Friday, 26 August 2011

The "F" Word

I know, I know, I should watch my mouth around small children but the truth is “FALL” is almost here!! It is sad to see the summer come to an end and we have had a blast but not only are the kids going back to school and we are getting back to a somewhat normal routine but our Fall clothes have arrived!
It doesn’t get much better than this with Tea and Appaman I’m feeling a little giddy.

We have had a lot of requests for larger sizes and when we ordered the Fall/Winter line back in spring we didn’t know how large to go but I am happy to announce that we will be carrying larger sizes come Spring/Summer 2012 (sounds far but it’s not)

The Tea collection for this season is Modern Mexico. We hope you love the Mariachis hombres, Super Taco Truck and the Vibrant colors as much as we do!
You can check out the line up at

Andale! Andale!