Monday, 16 May 2011

We're new at this

The doorbell rings.
It's here!!

Our first delivery!

I run to get the door an am greeted with "Ms Shoe"?

Ms Shoe!? If he thinks I'm Ms Shoe that would make my first name Elephant.. Should I tell him that clearly my name cannot be Elephant and it's my business name "Elephant-Shoe". Perhaps I should show him by mouthing out the words it looks like you're saying "I love you", but then I would have to say the words I love you to Mr Purolator. Hmmmm
I chuckle to myself and decide just to go with it, as he hands me the signature device. Now what do I sign?! My chuckle turns to nervous laughter. He looks at me like I'm a little nutty and encourages me to just sign in the box.
Quickly I scribble my name in the box unable to make out, now I don't have to bring it up.
He takes back the machine and says OK and HOW do you spell your name?

You can call me Ellie E-L-L-I-E.